Kula chakula

Or what comes to be the same… eat food ha ha ha

This week we want to take a look at Tanzanian cuisine, although depending on the areas of the country may vary the base ingredients are practically the same.

Maize and rice are mainly produced in Tanzania with 41% and 20% of the total cereal production, respectively, in 2018.


The main meal is Ugali, a cornmeal dough that is made by mixing with water, and eaten with vegetables, meat (nyama choma, grilled meat very popular and in demand or Mshikaki, grilled marinated meat) or fish (samaki). It’s an easy meal and a great source of energy. It’s the trick of great African athletes.

Another dish that can not miss is wali (rice), usually eaten with pinto beans. It is one of the children’s favorite dishes.

More in the inland area of the country and in most schools they eat Makende. It is a stew made with beans and corn.

Ndizi-Nyama or what comes to be the same: banana with meat. We could liken it to a La Rioja potato stew or similar.

Pilau is the typical dish par excellence for celebrations. It is a spiced rice with meat and potatoes.

Chipsi mayai, fried potatoes mixed with egg. An attempt at a Spanish omelette hehe.

In addition, they cook a lot of chapati (a kind of pancake of Hindu origin but that they consume a lot here), mandazi a kind of bun that they prepare with corn flour and that they later fry or scones (some baked bread buns).

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