When you’re not worth anything…

I think this is the most difficult thing I am going to tell or write so far… I have always said that I am NOT afraid that I feel safe but that does not mean that, unfortunately, I have had to live through quite unpleasant situations.

The role and rights of women are an issue on which they are light years away. Look, they are the ones who move everything, but it still seems that it is not enough for them to be respected.

I know that many situations are caused by cultural differences but even so they have no forgiveness and I’m not going to take away their gravity or forgive because I think silence doesn’t help anything.

I don’t want to detail verbatim what I’ve had to go through because I don’t want to scare either, but I think about it and it still hurts and I know that it will always hurt.

As a woman I can say that I have not felt respected on many occasions and that every day I have to deal with scenes that are not necessary at all, that my living space has not been respected (here I know that you can tell me that it is normal because how are the buses or etc but I do not mean this type of situation, a situation in which there was no need to invade anything) and even worse situations that I want to leave in the past…

When you realize that you can say NO a thousand times and that it is not understood, this is really not a communication problem, because simply your word or what you think is not valid because you are a woman. But of all this, what hurts me the most is to think that yes, I have had to go through these situations, because that is what many girls and women will have to go through.

How will they be able to defend themselves or make their word have value in a country where we are not valued…

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