10 things i’ve learned in Tanzania

There are many things that will seem obvious to you and of course you will say that you do not need to go so far to find out.

But I guarantee you that living this experience is the best thing I’ve done in my whole life… and that’s why it makes all this more special.

In my stay at Mama Kevina Hope Centre i have learned a lot of things and now I feel part of this very special project, I am one more of the big family.

And here I leave my top 10 🙂

1. To be more grateful. Look, I am grateful for myself but there I have experienced first-hand what the culture of 100% gratitude is. Having someone thank you at the end of your work day, when you take them by car or perform any action or gesture otherwise makes the world a better world.

2. Be more patient. Another thing that I also have as standard but here due to life circumstances, I had to increase my level of patience by learning to accept that things come as they come.

3. To be less gridded. To have my plans changed or not to do what I have scheduled in one day was horrible for me. Being here you never knew what was going to happen, if you suddenly had to go to visit some child or make an unexpected management in another city. They live in the moment and flow, the excess of planning is something very ours.

4. What is unconditional love. The love that Mama Kevina’s children have given me I wouldn’t change it for anything.They are pure souls who love you immeasurably and just want you to spend time with them. My best time on Sundays in the girls’ room telling stories. I love them.

5. Live calmly. The pole pole is the Tanzanian motto par excellence, they live the here and now and do it calmly zero stress. Of course, now that I’m spending a season here, I forget about it.

6. Singing every day. He kept singing to me 24/7 and I would come out unintentionally, that joy they have sticks is inevitable.

7. Which is really important. Life is a gift and we forget it many times. We never know what is going to happen tomorrow or the day after and we get obsessed with stories that lead us nowhere or try to be fortune tellers anticipating what may happen to us.

8. Attitude is fundamental. The attitude with which we face problems or complicated situations is basic, a good attitude can lead us to pass that situation in the best way. I have seen mothers with really sick children and they, strong as oaks, faced the situation in an incredible way.

9. It’s not what you have, it’s who you are. You feel valued by your person and you give yourself more value, it’s not so much what you have achieved in life (something more Western) but how you are. The material passes into the background. For the latter reason, I think there is a situation in which taking care of things takes a back seat (the latter is difficult for me because I can’t see a book on the floor or broken).

10. Living in the moment. The latter may sound like a cliché but it is true. We live, the first one, thinking about what is going to happen, what are we going to do… and here I have learned to live in the moment and above all to spend quality time and value the present moment.

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