Pole Pole

If there is one thing that cost me a lot at first, it was to adapt to the work rhythm, especially when it comes to “office” work.

Asking for a quote and receiving it almost 2 weeks later made me nervous and I thought that in Spain that would be unfeasible. They have another rhythm of working but in the end everything works out. In that sense, I’m trying to apply it to myself and take off that nervousness and stress that came with it as a series.

And it was here that I met the famous “Pole, pole” or what comes to be a leisurely, or the piano piano in Italy.

And I assure you that when you assimilate it, you learn to enjoy and live more in the present moment.

It’s a different rhythm of life that I think allows you to enjoy day to day much more and not live with overwhelm. In the end everything comes out and being with stress is not good. Here they do not have diseases, or at least in such high volumes, as stress, anxiety or depression. The first day they saw me with my discharge splint they didn’t give credit but good thing we also left the dental topic for another chapter.

They may lack x or have an unfinished house (that caught my attention a lot, we wouldn’t go there to live until it was finished) or a thousand day-to-day problems but they take it calmly and with a smile because in the end what they appreciate most is life.

Another of the sayings they have and I love it is “Haraka haraka haina baraka” which comes to be like a in a hurry there is no blessing. It is a way of living, a lifestyle that when you know it and are able to apply it catches you. And doing things calmly does not exempt you from being a worker or not because I assure you that everyone here works from sun to shade but always with a smile and without stress.

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